[Wellington-pm] Wellington.pm needs 5min of your time

Grant McLean grant at mclean.net.nz
Sun Feb 17 16:37:25 PST 2008

Hi Mongers

Well we certainly had a great turnout for Damian's talk on Tuesday and
I've had a lot of very positive feedback from people.  Damian
appreciated the reception he got and may even be back next year.  So
thanks to all concerned.

The next meeting is Tuesday the 11th of March.  It will be a lightning
talk meeting which means WE NEED YOU to sign up to do a 5 minute talk.


This is an especially good opportunity for people who haven't done a
talk before but we need participation from everyone to make this a

The page linked above has a bunch of ideas for what you could talk
about.  It also includes the CPAN roulette link which you can use to
pick a CPAN module at random to research and talk about :-)

To sign up, email perlmongers at catalyst.net.nz with your name and talk

Then you've got a few weeks to get your talk together.  The main thing
you need to sort out is what you want to say.  You may or may not want
to use slides.  If you do want to use slides, there are some rules
designed to keep things streamlined on the night:

 * you MUST supply the slides to me by email before the event
 * you will NOT be able to plug in your laptop
 * acceptable file formats: HTML, PDF, OpenOffice.org presentation,
   possibly others by prior arrangement

There will be a strictly enforced 5 minute maximum time per talk.  If
your talk will take longer than that, save it for a later meeting and
talk about something else this time.

So get thinking and send me an email to sign up.


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