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> Women of Tech: Hear Us Roar, A Special Series from www.oreillynet.com
> The Mighty Voices of Sisterhood in Tech
> Sebastopol, CA--There's no doubt that women coders, developers, designers,
> and programmers are a powerful force in the modern tech industry, despite
> their smaller numbers compared to men. At the same time many of the major
> impacts and innovations of women at every level of the development and
> evolution of technology--from the first female coders to today's Web 2.0
> pioneers--aren't all that well known.
> But starting now, O'Reilly Media aims to celebrate and give voice to the
> real-world experiences and concerns of these female trailblazers by
> publishing a new online series, "Women in Tech." The brainchild of Tatiana
> Apandi, an associate editor at O'Reilly, the series features articles
> solicited from technology's female side--and all focused on what it's like
> to carve out a career in technology.
> The timely new series reveals the challenges, rewards, and, sometimes,
> frustrations of being a woman in an industry still dominated by men. "Each
> day, we'll present a different woman's story that I believe will open
> readers' eyes to her unique perspective," explains Apandi. "We have
> contributions from conference organizers, authors, programmers,
> developers, and more--women who have pioneered prosperous careers in
> technology." 
> "As the series progresses, I hope readers find that this myriad of female
> perspectives shows how valuable it is to hear different points of view,"
> says Tatiana. "Whether readers think there are issues on which we need to
> work or that there are no issues at all, one underlying truth is that we
> need to support each other as individuals and help one another with our
> separate goals."
> With clarity, honesty, and wit, this collection reveals what it's like to
> be in the minority of the male-dominated geek culture. Here are just a few
> of the voices in this upcoming series:
> - Anna Martelli, Ravenscroft, Pythonista
> - Audrey Eschright, independent programmer/designer/publisher
> - CJ Rayhill, SVP of Product Management and Technology for Safari Books
> Online
> - Dawn Foster, Director of Developer Relations at Jive Software
> - Dru Lavigne, Chair of the BSD Certification Group Inc
> - Gabrielle Roth, member of the Portland Perl Mongers
> - Jeni Tennison, independent consultant and author
> - Jill Dyche, partner and co-founder of Baseline Consulting
> - Juliet Kemp, Systems Administrator for the Astrophysics group at
> Imperial College
> - Julia Lerman, Board member of the Vermont Software Developer Alliance,
> runs the Vermont.NET User Group
> - Kaliya Hamlin, unconference Shesgeeky.org organizer
> - Kirsten Jones, webmaster for The Perl Foundation 
> - Lauren Wood, Chaired for the W3C DOM Working Group
> - Leslie Hawthorn, works for Open Source Programs Office at Google
> - Selena Deckelmann, leads PDXPUG, a PostgreSQL Users Group
> - Shelley Powers, software developer/architect, photographer, and author
> The "Women in Tech," series starts Sept 4. Find out what they have to
> share and join the discussion here:
> http://www.oreillynet.com/womenintech/
> About O'Reilly
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> has been a chronicler and catalyst of cutting-edge development, homing in
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> amplifying "faint signals" from the alpha geeks who are creating the
> future. An active participant in the technology community, the company has
> a long history of advocacy, meme-making, and evangelism.
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