[Wellington-pm] Perl database stuff....

Dan Horne dan.horne at redbone.co.nz
Mon Jan 8 20:21:34 PST 2007


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> So, once good solution is to have a (hidden to the
> user) "object version" field, which is sent to the user with 
> the rest of their information, and confirmed to match the row 
> during the update cycle. 

A lot of the Java ORMs have this approach to optimistic locking built in,
but as far as I can see, none of the Perl ORMs do. I tried looking at the
internals of DBIx::Class to figure out how to add support for this as a
component, but basically got swamped by the details - I couldn't figure out
how to trasparently compare the version numbers. But if anyone has any ideas
on how to do this if anyone has got any pointers...

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