[Wellington-pm] perl-suid deprecated, in favour of what?

Sam Vilain sam at vilain.net
Tue May 23 17:15:30 PDT 2006

Lesley Walker wrote:

>Googling finds a solution, which is to install perl-suid. However, the
>package decription says:
>    Usage of this program is now strongly deprecated upstream and
>    support (along with this package) will probably be removed in
>    5.10
>Therefore I'd like to find a solution OTHER than perl-suid.  Is there
>some other package or module that can be used instead?

I know this issue is already mostly gone, but the FastCGI module for
Apache has not succumed to this notion that "suid is just bad, m'kay?".

So long as you haven't tied your application to the Apache API, it's a
fairly easy switch. See FastCGISuExec in the mod_fastcgi manual page.

Unlike mod_perl, with fastcgi you can get high performance without
depending on a specific webserver with notoriously fragile configuration
method, and without sacrificing the security of unix user seperation.


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