[Wellington-pm] perl-suid deprecated, in favour of what?

Ewen McNeill ewen at naos.co.nz
Tue May 23 01:01:22 PDT 2006

NOTE: I've replied to the list even though this is technically off-topic
      because it might be useful for someone else trying to do the same

In message <1148365176.31782.55.camel at localhost.localdomain>, Lesley Walker writes:
>We use some kind of magic involving the browser id string to identify
>users - should I expect that stuff to get passed through the wrapper to
>the real script, or do I have to do something specific to avoid having
>it dropped into the bit bucket?

Assuming you're using the Debian sudo then beware that the security
patched versions clense the environment significantly, allowing through
only a restricted set of blessed variables.  If you need specific
things passed through either force them onto the command line for the
privileged script to pick up, or "bless" those enviroment variables in
the /etc/sudoers file.

See the advisory for details:



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