[Wellington-pm] perl-suid deprecated, in favour of what?

Peter C. Kelly pspam at paradise.net.nz
Mon May 22 21:34:31 PDT 2006


Lesley Walker wrote:

>On Tue, 2006-05-23 at 16:19 +1200, Peter C. Kelly wrote:
>>How about using sudo?
>How exactly would I go about doing that?  This is a CGI script.
I must concede I haven't done a proof of concept.

But I'd imagine that you do the following:  have a shell script, running
as apache or whatever the web server runs as; has that run sudo
/usr/local/bin/your_script.pl; and have an /etc/sudoers line that allows
apache to run /usr/local/bin/your_script.pl as the target user without a

(see man sudoers)


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