[Wellington-pm] A talk suggestion

Srdjan srdjan at catalyst.net.nz
Sun May 14 18:44:30 PDT 2006

No I'm not suggesting a competition for an ultimate destroyer script that will 
destroy any sub-culture, name(s) supplied as argument(s).

I was wondering if anyone used exception raise/catch paradigm for error 
To clarify a bit:
I usually use objects with methods that return false in case of an error, and a 
method to get the error string. So every time I make a call I check return value 
- get error - set error - return false. I'm not complaining, that's just what I 
do (very C-ish, I know...).
So I'm wondering if anyone with die - eval experience would like to step up and 
share his views on how those two paradigms compare, in a form of an engaging talk.
Thank you.


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