[Wellington-pm] Prizes! (was Re: Reminder: meeting tonight)

Kevin Dorne sweetpea-perl at tentacle.net
Wed May 10 00:19:30 PDT 2006

On Wed, May 10, 2006 at 11:55:13AM +1200, michael at diaspora.gen.nz wrote:
> First person to:
>     * code up a rock paper scissors game
>     * playable over the web or on the presentation PC
>     * for two (or more) people, all physically colocated with each
>       other, using the same PC
>     * in Perl
>     * for the purpose of deciding speaking order
> wins either:
>     * one (1) chocolate fish (the "normal person" prize), or
>     * a commitment to talk on a topic of my choice at the July 2006
>       meeting (the "Grant" prize :)

How about they always get to go first, thereby nullifying any advantage gained by coding up the game, breaking the utilito-causal chain and sending the world into a spiral of paradox?
Peace, love & happiness to you from me =)
-Sweetpea    http://sweetpea.tentacle.net

"You get a taste of the elixir of life, but you sign away your soul to get it." - BD
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