[Wellington-pm] Reminder: meeting tonight

Srdjan srdjan at catalyst.net.nz
Tue May 9 15:35:10 PDT 2006

Quite contrary my friend, I should apologise. As I was gently reminded it was 
*Me* who mislead you to believe that it would take 15 minutes. Of course, no one 
mentioned *helpers* to the gross overrun, but you know - we all share our 
victories, but in defeats we're all alone...

How about deciding the order by a lucky draw? A module Presenter::Random?

michael at diaspora.gen.nz wrote:
> Grant McLean writes:
>> Thanks to both our speakers for interesting presentations.  Michael if
>> you want to send me your slides I'll put them up on the web site
>> (perhaps without the footnotes).
> Definitely without the footnotes :)
>> On an administrative note, it looks like we need to institute policy for
>> deciding the order of speakers in the infrequent case where there is
>> competition for a particular slot.  I suggest that from now on the rule
>> is: the person who was first to volunteer gets to chose whether they
>> speak first or second.  If I'd thought of that rule last night, then
>> Michael would have got the first slot.
> As it turns out, the wife wasn't upset at all, so apologies for the aggro,
> Srdjan :/.
> I've noticed the rule in previous meetings has been that whoever has
> actually got their presentation in a presentable state goes first; the
> other hacks away on a laptop to finish the presentation.  
> That seems like a reasonable rule, that relies on human nature; it's
> just that Srdjan and I are both obviously overachievers who prepare
> things before time.
> As it was, there was at least one slide that was written during Srdjan's
> presentation (and yes, the footnotes as well), so I didn't suffer as
> much as I might have made out :).
>     -- michael.
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