[Wellington-pm] Thoughts on Australia's New Zealand... ; ) (was Re: Perl miniconf at LinuxConf.au 2006)

David Benton davidthebenton at gmail.com
Mon Aug 22 17:35:37 PDT 2005

Ewen McNeill wrote:

>You're welcome to argue the name is wrong, or refuse to attend because
>"the Australian's are taking over" or whatever.  But it's historically
>been a very good conference, and got a lot of interesting overseas
>visitors, so I think that'd be short sighted
Yeah I'm very interested in it myself an am thinking about attending as 
there is very rarley in my experience (though short) been many linux 
conferences in New Zealand. Though there does exist the "Sibling 
rivalry" mentioned by Jacinta. An we do give them a good drumming from 
time to time in the rugby. lol :p .

Though I would not agree with anyone saying that we should become a 7th 
state of Australia. Though I think the closeness in which we work 
together is important for both countries an just changing the name of 
the conf would be a entirely useless waste of time wich I wouldn't agree 
with either. For all it really matters the could call it the 
LinuxConf.Martian its still in New Zealand so its all good.

Anyway I've probably spouted for long enough.
David Benton.

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