[Wellington-pm] Perl miniconf at LinuxConf.au 2006

Ewen McNeill ewen at naos.co.nz
Mon Aug 22 13:22:37 PDT 2005

In message <430A222D.2020406 at gmail.com>, David Benton writes:
>>[Linux.conf.au in _New_Zealand_?]
>yeah but its a bit of a paradox though. you would think that they though 
>New Zealand was just another part of Australia. But I'm thinking about 

There's no real paradox.  Several people from New Zealand have gone to
the last several Linux.conf.au conferences (myself to the last two).  At
the one last year (2004) Mike Beattie offered to run the next one (2006)
in Dunedin (where he lives).  Since (a) the location has always been
decided by competing offers to organise it, and (b) it'd been to most
major Australian cities and (c) the only other semi-serious offer that I
was aware of was for somewhere fairly obscure in Australia, and (d)
Dunedin was relatively easy to get to from most parts of Australia (no
worse than many Australian cities; easier than Perth from the East),
Linux Australia agreed to let him run it in New Zealand.

You're welcome to argue the name is wrong, or refuse to attend because
"the Australian's are taking over" or whatever.  But it's historically
been a very good conference, and got a lot of interesting overseas
visitors, so I think that'd be short sighted.

You're also welcome to claim that New Zealand should organise it's
own conferences, but remember that Uniforum used to exist to do pretty
much exactly that, and gradually faded away through lack of enthusiasm.
(NZNOG took over some of the role for the networking area -- and has
had several very good conferences -- but without the same breadth of
coverage that Uniforum originally had).


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