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Malcolm Allison Malcolm.Allison at computerland.co.nz
Tue Oct 12 15:18:09 CDT 2004

I know it's my own fault for not setting my calendar properly, but I
would have come if there had been a reminder on the day and was pretty
annoyed with myself for missing it.

So that's a 'yes please' for reminders (although I have now checked my
calendar entry and synchronised it with every device I own).

My 2 penneth,
Malcolm Allison
Enterprise Systems Management Bureau
Computerland NZ

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Hi All

Thanks Sam for an interesting intro to the world of Tangram.  And thanks
to everyone else for mercilessly uncovering the bugs in my slides :-)  I
took the liberty of fixing some of the more heinous ones before putting
a copy up on the web site (let me know which ones I've missed):


Sam if you want to provide a copy or a link to your slides just send me
an email.

Next month's meeting will be on Monday the 8th of November.  

We have Michael Robinson lined up to talk about Maypole and Douglas
Bagnall will be introducing Python to Perl programmers.

We have time for one further meeting this year (December) and are
looking for volunteers to speak then.  It's two months away so that
should be plenty of time to prepare, but we need to get something nailed
down before time slips away.

Finally, I have a question.  A disturbing number of people told me today
that they would have come to last night's meeting if only I'd reminded
them it was on.  I did send a reminder a week ago and I don't want to
annoy people with constant harping.  Do people want another reminder on
the day?


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