[Wellington-pm] OSDC open for registrations

Matthew Hunt matt at dessicated.org
Mon Oct 11 14:09:32 CDT 2004


Please accept my apologies for my crankiness, and thanks for the clear
responses.  I'd say that, having seen the programme now, I'm a lot more
disappointed that I won't make it to the conference.

My main problems arose from relying on the web site as a source of
information.  I'd recommend highlighting the contents of the programme
better (I never thought to click on the Papers link in the navigation as
it looked like a heading, not a link to me and following the links under
it didn't help much).

The mailing list link might have been better elided as well given that
it hasn't been, shall we say, busy, and just adds to the impression that
not much was going on.  Clearly quite a lot has actually been going on,
and maybe you could have asked for a volunteer to communicate that.  I
might even have volunteered myself, if asked nicely :-)

I hope that it goes well, and that someone from our organisation can be
sent along.


Matthew Hunt

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