[Wellington-pm] OSDC open for registrations

Matthew Hunt matt at dessicated.org
Mon Oct 11 03:27:59 CDT 2004

On Mon, Oct 11, 2004 at 03:47:16PM +1000, Jacinta Richardson wrote:
> The cost is $230 and the early bird date expires on the 15th of October.

Those are some real early birds you've got there.  A full four days to
consider it.

> OSDC is a grassroots-style conference [..]

By which, I take it that you mean utterly disorganised.  I've been
following the web site occasionally for about six months now (since the
time it was announced as the YAPC::AU conference) and haven't been able
to find a scrap of extra information about what to expect from it.

> You can register online at http://www.osdc.com.au/

Why would you bother?  What is actually happening?  Or is it some great
secret that needs to be concealed behind a few comic strips to save us
from ruining the surprise?

> We look forward to seeing you in December!

I'm on holiday anyway, but I have to say that I was surprised that the
conference was even going ahead given the lack of any apparent
organisation or programme.

You can call me a cynic, but I think that more people would be inclined
to part with the money if they knew anything about what they might get
for it.


Matthew Hunt

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