[Wellington-pm] Next meeting

Peter Love Peter.Love at netkno.com
Sun Nov 14 15:43:32 CST 2004

>  [ ] I would most likely attend the meeting on December 13th
>  [ ] I would prefer to leave it until February 14th

No preference.

> The next question is what talks we can get lined up.  I recall that
> Peter Love volunteered to tell us about his forays into Perl/Tk.  Are
> you still up for that Peter?

Yes, I have had this in my diary for the 13th December -- but 14th 
February is fine as well.

> On a related note, I've been working with the Gtk bindings a bit of late
> too, so I could present on that to give the meeting a GUI theme.

Um, it'll have a GUI theme anyway (Perl/Tk), perhaps Gtk makes it more 
GUIish ...

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