[Wellington-pm] Meeting tonight

michael at diaspora.gen.nz michael at diaspora.gen.nz
Sun Nov 7 16:10:01 CST 2004

Grant McLean writes:
>By popular request, I would like to remind everyone there's a Perl
>Mongers meeting at 6:00pm this evening.
>  http://wellington.pm.org/
>A note to the speakers: you're welcome to bring your own laptop for
>slides, or I can provide one (Linux with Open Office).  Consider
>emailing me files beforehand to reduce the mucking around time.

(1) Mine is on the Intarweb, so can I presume that you've got Web access
in the room?  Failing that, I'm going to have to do a rapid reorg...

(2) Beyond web access, ssh access to the Intarweb?
    -- michael.

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