Ewen McNeill ewen at naos.co.nz
Fri Apr 25 19:44:15 CDT 2003

In message <1051314557.1875.2.camel at argon>, "James @bigfoot.com" writes:
>I have just found in the Perl documentation a reference to use lib

"use lib" is (loosely) equivilent to push @INC, "directory".  (Michael's
explanation of what it means is more detailed, and more correct.)

However "use lib" will not solve your problem by itself because:
(a) you cannot upload files outside the cgi-bin directory, and 
(b) you don't necessarily know where the cgi-bin directory is anyway

Hence my suggestion of placing a sub-directory under the cgi-bin
directory, and using a relative path to it.  As I said IIRC the cgi-bin
starts with the current directory being the cgi-bin directory from where
it is run.

However feel free to use "use lib" instead of "push @INC ..." if you're
using a new enough version of perl to support it.  (5.something IIRC.)


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