Wellington Perlmongers

Piers Harding piers at ompa.net
Mon Sep 16 14:51:52 CDT 2002

Hi Guys - I listen into the melbourne.pm list, and they seem to share
lots of ideas, and regularily publish work/articles etc. to the list.
Are people on this list interested in the same sort of thing, as it
would be good to try and inject some life back into it?

Also, as a kiwi overseas, it would be nice to have some banter with the
Perl community back home.


Piers Harding

On Tue, Aug 20, 2002 at 01:59:08PM +1200, Stephen Judd wrote:
> Don Jones wrote:
> > I was wondering if the Wellington Perlmongers group is still 
> > active, the
> > content on the site looks a little bit dated. Are there 
> > likely to be meetings
> > in the future?
> Erm - it has been in, ah, abeyance for some months, owing to lack of interest in meetings. However, the recent return of Grant McLean strikes me as an excellent opportunity to revive meetings. Takers, anyone?
> stephen

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