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>In message <0rna0vkgf3r9aenpf0s05im518t386lg34 at>, Enkidu writes:
>>How do I stash %mindex or a pointer to it in the object hash, and how
>>do I access it in the "nearness" subroutine?
>Assuming that your object is a hash (rather than an array), you can
>stick a reference to your %mindex hash into it under some suitable name,
>$self->{'mindex'} = \%mindex;
>And then you can pull it back out with something like:
>$mindex_ref = $self->{'mindex'};
>And use it as:
>print $mindex_ref->{'thingy'};
>foreach keys %{$mindex_ref}
>  print "Key: $_\n";
>Or use it via the self hash directly:
>print $self->{'mindex'}->{'thingy'};
>Or whatever works for you.
>This is "obvious" to me, and you say you couldn't find any obvious
>solution to your problem, so perhaps I've misunderstood your problem; if
>so feel free to explain some more.
Ewen, it's because I'm still learning.... I haven't got my head around
the whole data type thing yet.

And thanks, it now works with the help of your hints above.



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