Can you recommend a book for perl/cgi?

Doug Hendricks Doug.Hendricks at
Wed Dec 4 19:29:35 CST 2002

Hello, Wellington.

I've been using Perl 5, both OO and non-OO, for a few years now and am fairly confident.
I know *nothing* about web programming -- I use Perl as a general-purpose application language and for scripting.
I may need to upskill to server-side web programming soon, maybe mostly cgi stuff (not sure yet).

What modern books can you recommend?

I have a comp-sci/engineering background, so dense/academic books are acceptable (but not required).

I am already interested in "Writing CGI Applications with Perl" by Meltzer and Michalski.  Is it good?

Sincerely yours,
Doug Hendricks

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