Next Perl Mongers: July 4th

Grant McLean grantm at
Thu May 10 17:08:18 CDT 2001

Hi Mongers

Sorry about the delayed report.  A small but committed group at
last Wednesday's meeting.

My pick list of essential modules is up on the web site.  This
may be of use to new Perl programmers trying to make sense of
the huge array of code available on CPAN:

Next Meeting:

  Meeting:    Wellington Perl Mongers
  Start Time: 5:30pm Wednesday 2nd May
  Location:   The Web Limited
              Level 6 BP House
              Cnr Customhouse Qy & Waring Taylor St

  Chilled beverages supplied by The Web Limited

Volunteers for speaking welcome.  There are a number of
suggested topics up on the web site, but the world is your
oyster (this is Perl after all).

New Book in the Library

Manning publishing have been kind enough to donate a copy of:

  Title:  Data Munging with Perl
  Author: David Cross 
  ISBN:   1-930110-00-6
  Publishers link:

I have read it and will be posting a review soon.  Overall 
impressions: pretty good beginner/intermediate level info,
remarkably useful 'reference' section in the back, small
number of pages (not intimidating at all), not too clear
on its target market.

Loan enquiries are welcome.

Our other library book 'Network Programming with Perl' by
Lincoln Stein is still awaiting a reviewer.

If you know someone who might like to attend these meetings,
point them at the web page (above) which contains instructions 
for joining this list.

If (heaven forbid) you want to remove yourself from this mailing 
list, you can send mail to <majordomo at> with the following 
command in the body of your email message:

    unsubscribe wellington-pm-list


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