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Grant McLean grantm at web.co.nz
Sun Mar 25 20:30:55 CST 2001

Hi Mongers

It appears that publishing houses are falling over themselves to
put free books in the hands of user groups.  As evidence of this
phenomenom, I just received a parcel from the good folks at Addison
Wesley containing:

  Title:  Network Programming with Perl
  Author: Lincoln Stein 
  ISBN:   0-201-61571-1
  Publishers link: http://cseng.aw.com/book/0,3828,0201615711,00.html

This book gets an average of 5 stars on Amazon.com's 


Now the catch ...

As our part of the bargain, Addison Wesley would like us to review
the book and 'publish' the review.  Suggested avenues for
publishing include a message to a news group or a page on a web 
site.  We of course have a web site and a book review section
could be added fairly easily.

Now all we need is someone to review the book.

If you're interested in:
 - Low level socket I/O
 - Higher level IO::Socket and Net::Telnet interfaces
 - HTTP and LWP
 - Forking, threading, multiplexed an nonblocking I/O
 - Tons of other networking and IPC topics

and can come up with a short review (within a month), drop me a 
line and we'll get the book to you.


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