Next Wellington Perl Mongers Meeting Wed Sep 6th

Grant McLean grantm at
Mon Oct 30 19:18:57 CST 2000

Hi Mongers

As previously announced, the next meeting is not tomorrow, but
next Wednesday evening:

  Meeting:    Wellington Perl Mongers
  Start Time: 5:30pm Wednesday 8th November
  Location:   The Web Limited
              Level 8, 86 Lambton Quay

The winning topic suggestion:

  a regular expression workshop

Bring along your curliest regex problems and/or solutions for
discussion with the group over an ale.

I'm happy to 'facilitate' the discussion but if someone else
would like to volunteer then that would be excellent.

We could probably fit in another topic if someone wants to

If you know someone who might like to attend the meeting,
forward them these instructions for joining this list:

  send mail to majordomo at with the following command 
  in the body of the message:

    subscribe wellington-pm-list

If (heaven forbid) you want to remove yourself from this mailing 
list, you can send mail to <majordomo at> with the following 
command in the body of your email message:

    unsubscribe wellington-pm-list


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