Perl Mongers Meeting Next Wednesday - dans waffling

Dan Morrison dan.morrison at
Thu Apr 27 01:06:41 CDT 2000

> Grant McLean writes:
> >Ewen had offered to talk on state machines/code generation, or
> >parsing SGML/XML.  (Is that offer still open Ewen?)
> Providing I know which of those topics people are more interested in,

Parsing XML is dull, (with the odd bit of stress thrown in by character
Validating it is more challenging.
Actually _USING_ XML would be interesting.
I've been doing serious XSL stuff with XML::XSLT (My stylesheet is a Turing
machine!) and would like to see what anyone else has actually achieved.

I'm unsure what 'state machines/code generation' would entail, therefore it
my be even more instructive to me. I have visions in my head of 'life' and
'core wars'. Am I on the right track? If so these topics would cover the two
extreme ends of the 'Information Age', timeline-wise ;-)

I've failed to turn up the last two times, but I'll try harder if there's
some XML to be seen.

And as for group therapy - my question is:
When is it correct to subclass an object and end up with all its baggage,
and when is it better to create a new object that contains little more than
a handle and accessors to an instance of your desired object? In the second
case, what are the gotchas with AUTOLOAD?

Case in point : I've subclassed XML::Document into XML::Sitemap(my own pm),
as I like being able to manipulate the heirachical structure directly, yet
I've added functions like 'spider', 'summarize-site' and serialization and
rendering to it. I feel there's something inelegant about this, but I don't
know what.
I thought it was using inheiritance efficiently, but it seems to be muddying
the waters (Not least because I've now come across modules that check (ref
$obj eq "XML::Document") and not (obj->isa("XML::Document")) Arrg.  )

... sorry, I guess I should write this on a bit of paper next week, but now
I finally figured out what my burning Perl issue of the day was, I had to


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