Perl Mongers Meeting Next Wednesday

Grant McLean grantm at
Wed Apr 26 20:42:33 CDT 2000

Doesn't time fly ...

  Meeting:    Wellington Perl Mongers
  Start Time: 5:30pm Wednesday 3rd May
  Location:   The Web Limited
              Level 8, 86 Lambton Quay

At this point, there's nothing specific on the agenda so if anyone
has something Perlish they'd like to talk about then please let
me (and the list) know.

Ewen had offered to talk on state machines/code generation, or 
parsing SGML/XML.  (Is that offer still open Ewen?)

The group therapy session is probably worth doing again (although
without my characteristic bully-boy tactics).  If you'd like to
participate, put your thinking caps on to come up with an 
interesting question or answer.

Other than that, what would *you* like to see covered?  Think about
this (but not too long) and reply to the list.  I'm sure some people
would be interested in more basic-intermediate level topics while
others are hanging out for more advanced topics.  Don't be afraid to
suggest a topic even if you don't feel qualified to talk about it 


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