Visual Development Environments

Dave Moskovitz DaveM at
Sun Nov 7 15:04:51 CST 1999

At our meeting of the Wellington Perl Mongers last week, Roger asked if
anyone knew about visual development environments.  In fact, the most
recent The Perl Journal ( has an article in it
describing ptkdb (, an
open-source debugger based on TK which runs on most platforms.  There's
also an ad for PerlBuilder (Wintel only)
( on the inside front cover, and
ActiveState do indeed also have a product, the "Perl Debugger" (also
Wintel only), which is described as a lightweight but powerful debugger
... see 

Looks like the market for visual debugging is in the Wintel arena.  Not

If people want to volunteer to give these a spin and report back for the
next meeting (early Feb 2000), that would be great!  Please contact me
to coordinate, so we don't have 3 people reviewing the same product...

See ya

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