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Wto, 13 Wrz 2011, 00:58:11 PDT

Ogłoszenie z London.pm - dla zainteresowanych.  Było wysłane dwa razy
- za pierwszym razem było, że telecommute owszem, ale trzeba od czasu
do czasu bywac w Londynie, teraz widzę 100% telecommute :).


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From: Andy Manning <andy w dev.uk2.net>
Date: Fri, Sep 9, 2011 at 2:57 PM
Subject: Re: [Jobs] Perl Developer - London
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Afternoon all.

UK2 are looking for two talented Perl developers to expand our
development team.

Our billing systems, provisioning, order process and control panel are
all powered by Perl, and we're moving towards increasing use of Perl to
entirely power our group backend, so require more developers.

We strive towards code reuse, decent coding standards and Modern Perl,
with peer code reviews and discussion encouraged. There is also a
dedicated QA team and the codebase is split into development, staging
and production environments.

We colloborate over IRC, with Bugzilla and soon to add github issues for
bug tracking, Basecamp for project management, and use Github and
Subversion for version control. Naturally we make heavy use of
open-source software, and contribute back where possible. We're
sponsoring a room plus beer and food at the London Perl Workshop this year.

We have a pretty laid back atmosphere, and flexible working - remote
working is fine, with up to 4 days a week at home, and one day a week in
the office (Brick Lane, London).

Developers are free to use Linux or Mac, whichever you prefer (company
laptop may be available).

We have a performance-related bonus scheme; each project is assigned a
bonus category depending on complexity, and accrued bonuses are paid
quarterly - so hard work is certainly rewarded.

We're primarily looking for permanent employees, but contract roles may
be available too. There are excellent benefits, such as private medical,
free beer on occasion and quite a bit more. Salary or contract rate is
dependant on experience and 100% telecommute will be considered.

Required skills:

- At least 2-3 years of Perl programming experience, including object-
oriented coding, test-driven development

- At least 2-3 years experience of Unixy systems

- Strong SQL skills (MySQL in particular)

- Version control, Subversion in particular

Desired skills:

 - Common CPAN modules (DBI, CGI, etc)

- Knowing your way around the Perl debugger

- Experience with Dancer web framework

- Standards based HTML and CSS

- Experience in the domain registration & web hosting market

If you're interested, please get back to us at jobs2 w uk2.net or me
personally at andy w dev.uk2.net with a copy of your CV. If you have
modules on CPAN or GitHub or have contributed to open source projects,
include links please, as that's valuable to us.


Andy Manning

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