[Vlaanderen] FOSDEM dev-room request DRAFT

Claudio Ramirez padre.claudio at apt-get.be
Tue Sep 25 13:34:24 PDT 2012

This is what I want to send to the FOSDEM organisers. Feel free to
comment, correct, etc.



* Devroom name: Perl dev-room

* Description / Why should FOSDEM accept this proposal?

We are organizing presentations and hacking sessions of a number of
Perl related open source projects such as Dancer (web framework),
Mojolicious (web in a box), Rakudo (the compiler of Perl 6), Padre
(the Perl IDE), Moose (declarative OO-framework) and many CPAN modules
providing a varied array of pre-programmed and ready to use solutions.
We count also on presentations about the state of "Modern Perl", that
characterizes the core and CPAN Perl development of the last few years
and the re-invention and cleanup of Perl 5 by the Perl community.

FOSDEM has evolved to an important date in the Perl calendar. The
local and regional Perl Mongers groups are contacted to rally speakers
and volunteers, resulting in a stronger community. As a consequence of
the growing collaboration between the Perl5 and the Perl6 world, both
languages benefit of a regular stream of new and exiting features.
FOSDEM is a good place to show the fruits of this work to a wider

This will be our fourth consecutive year with an active involvement in
FOSDEM. We think we have offered interested insights to the wider FOSS
world. We have worked hard to show where Perl stands today and how
it's evolving. Our booth (with the famous giant camel and the biggest
collection of Perl books in the world) has been very successful and
the talks well attended. Although we already have strong ties with
some projects, new ideas and contacts from other projects will
reinforce this positive cross-pollination at the core of the FOSS

* Project URLs:

* Preferred day: Saturday

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