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Subject: The Perl Conference in Amsterdam 2017 - Info and first/last  Call for Papers

Dear Perl Mongers,

We are excited to invite you to The Perl Conference in Amsterdam (formerly and
by many still called YAPC::Europe), organised by our team of Perl Mongers from
Amsterdam and elsewhere in The Netherlands, on 9-11 August 2017.  We are
working hard to add more days before and after these dates, and will tell you
about it in later mails.   Please visit the website (
http://theperlconference.amsterdam/ ) and register for the conference if you
haven't done so already (
http://theperlconference.amsterdam/how-to-register.html ).

This seems to be the first big email about this conference, and we apologize
for the omission.  Nevertheless, the word has been spread via other media, and
we already have 223 registered participants for the conference, coming from
over 30 countries (see http://theperlconference.amsterdam/stats ).  We hope
and look forward to welcome at least 300 people.

We have received many talk submissions and already have accepted more than 60
talks for the conference (see http://theperlconference.amsterdam/talks  ) and
several awesome keynote speakers.  We have enough talks to fill three tracks,
and we are busy filling a fourth track.  For that, we hope you will submit a
talk, and please do so after reading this page:
The latest deadline to submit a talk is Saturday 8 July at 23:59:59
(CEST/Amsterdam Time), so you still have plenty of time to submit a talk.

We have an excellent venue, which is affordable, big, wheelchair-accessible.
It has its own bar (with some excellent beers) and restaurant.  Catering has
been taken care of, there will be food for meat-eaters, vegetarians, vegans,
and special dietary requirements can be catered for too.  There will also be
coffee and tea breaks, and of course a conference dinner.

As you would expect from me personally, I will fill a booth with a lot of nice
Perl-items (books, including books about Perl 6, stuffed toys, wine, stickers,
buttons, and more) and it will be decorated with the largest library of Perl
books, the Perl camel, and more.  We do have several sponsors who will have a
booth as well.  Speaking of sponsors, we would welcome more sponsors.  If your
company, and/or you personally, wants to sponsor The Perl Conference in
Amsterdam, please visit http://theperlconference.amsterdam/sponsoring.html
and read about several sponsoring opportunities.

With regards to the name of the conference: YAPC (the abbreviation means Yet
Another Perl Conference) has been a household name for the big European,
American, Asian and other conferences about Perl.  O'Reilly (
https://www.oreilly.com/ ) organised the very first "The Perl Conference" in
August 1997 in San Jose, California, and the second one in August 1998, again
in San Jose.  In 1999, they renamed the conference to OSCON (for Open Source
Conference), because O'Reilly wanted to cover all open source.  The
Perl-community organised the first YAPC:NA (Yet Another Perl Conference, North
America) in 1999 in Pittsburgh.  The first YAPC::Europe was in London in 2000.
I co-organised the second YAPC::Europe, in 2001, in Amsterdam.  OK, now back
to the name: lots of Perl-people are accustomed to the name YAPC.  But to
people who are not so used to the lovely acronyms we Perl-people invent, the
name :"The Perl Conference" is completely self-explanatory.  Ask your boss
"Can I please go to The Perl Conference" and your boss will understand what
you mean.  O'Reilly graciously allowed the organisers of the American and
European conferences about Perl to use the name "The Perl Conference", as long
as we make clear that O'Reilly is not organising the conference.  Well, they
are not, and we thank them for allowing us to use the name "The Perl
Conference in Amsterdam" for the European installment of the conference.

Thank you for your attention, and I am hoping to meet you in Amsterdam in

Kind regards,

Wendy van Dijk
co-organiser The Perl Conference in Amsterdam 2017 aka YAPC::Europe::2017

PS If you receive this message more than once, I do apologize.  I have been
sending this to several mailing lists.

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