[Vienna-pm] "blogs.perl.org hacked" ..

Christoph Jokubonis christoph.jokubonis at univie.ac.at
Fri Jan 24 12:58:34 PST 2014

Dear people of vienna.pm,

as you might have already heard of and according to
blogs.perl.org got compromised, usernames and (hashed, salted, crypted,
?) passwords leaked here:

"Juerd" at http://perlhacks.com/2014/01/blogs-perl-org/#comment-23971 says:
It’s a standard salted DES crypt. john(1) found 341 of the 2300
passwords in 3 hours on my laptop.

.. anyhow, I wanted to mention it on this list, as it hasn't been posted
here yet.

regards, Christoph

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