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Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2010 23:07:52 +0000
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Subject: Nordic Perl Workshop 2010 - CfP

The Icelandic Society For Digital Freedoms (Icelandic abbreviation:
FSFI) is organizing the annual Nordic Perl Workshop, this year, in
Reykjavik, Iceland. It will be the first time the workshop is held in

Nordic Perl Workshop 2010 will take place over the weekend of May 1st to
May 2nd.

FSFI has now opened for registration and submissions of presentation
abstracts. We encourage anyone who is interested in sharing their
experience or ideas to submit their abstract. Registration fee is €100.
Included in the fee is a workshop dinner at "The Perl" restaurant

Important deadlines:

    * Submission deadline: 29th of March
    * Notification of acceptance: 1st of April
    * Confirmation: 2nd of April
    * Final program available: 3rd of April

Accepted formats for presentation abstracts:

    * Extended Talks (90 minutes)
    * Standard Talks (45 minutes)
    * Short Talks (20 minutes)
    * Lightning Talks (5 minutes)

More information can be found on the workshop's website:

FSFI looks forward to seeing Perl Mongers in Iceland in May.

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