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Michael Kröll michael.kroell at uibk.ac.at
Wed Feb 18 01:16:02 PST 2009


Nachdem  Ask Bjørn Hansen (jobs.perl.org) im Moment untergetaucht zu
sein scheint, hier keine URL zum Job Posting, sondern der volle

mobile messaging solutions (mms) (Nachfolge VeriSign Communications)
sucht Software Engineers Platform Development für Wien und Salzburg.

mobile messaging solutions (mms), created by the recent acquisition of
VeriSign Communications GmbH, is one of the leading providers of mobile
messaging services with a portfolio including the development and sales
of premium SMS, m-commerce and mobile content solutions.

To strengthen and extend the portfolio we are looking for platform and
application development engineers who shall
• Be responsible for the whole application life cycle from analysis to
• Collaborate with other engineers to improve our existing platform and
• Work in interesting fields, including among others: billing systems,
mobile portals, mobile ticketing, messaging, high availability, and high
performance systems.

Required Skills:
• Experience in object oriented and/or functional programming (>4y)
• Experience in designing/developing enterprise systems and working with
relational databases.
• Evidence of API design, architecture skills and an understanding of
• Our primary development environment is Perl, but Perl experience is
not a requirement if you are keen to learn. If you are not fluent in OO
Perl, you will need to demonstrate related skills and evidence of
adaptability. Experience in multiple languages will count in your favour.
• Experience working in UNIX/Linux environments.

Desired Skills:
• Experience of working with interoperating systems and/or Web Services
• Experience in development of web-based applications.
• Experience with using the following technologies:
  • Catalyst
  • Oracle
  • Markup languages (XML,XSLT)
  • Web technologies (JS,CSS)

If you are interested please contact Michael Kröll via mail to
mkroell at mms.ag?subject=Software+Engineer+Platform+Development

063A F25E B064 A98F A479  1690 78CD D023 5E2A 6688

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