[Vienna-pm] Einladung TechSocialMeet am 3.3. 2008

Gerhard Gonter gg at urxn.at
Mon Mar 3 01:52:26 PST 2008

Jozef Kutej wrote:

> What about "Having fun with LVM" presentation? Logical Volume Management
> is not really a Perl topic [...]

Unless, of course, someone adds a couple of Perl modules...

Btw, I'm playing around with a couple of such modules for AIX::LVM,
they are currently in the CVS repository of the aix-pm project
space on sourceforge.net.  Maybe these things will make it onto
CPAN some day.

> but it's quite good to know it for a Linux
> installations and it's not that difficult. ~15min

... never used Linux LVM.

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