[Vienna-pm] Defensive Programmierung

Peter J. Holzer hjp-vienna-pm-list at hjp.at
Sun Apr 20 00:59:11 PDT 2008

use Net::DNS;


main::check_a(check.pl:67):                 if ($ans->type eq 'A') {
main::check_a(check.pl:68):                     push @addrs, $ans->ptrdaddr;

***  WARNING!!!  The program has attempted to call the method
***  "ptrdaddr" for the following RR object:
***  hrunkner.hjp.at.   86400   IN      A
***  This object does not have a method "ptrdaddr".  THIS IS A BUG
***  IN THE CALLING SOFTWARE, which has incorrectly assumed that
***  the object would be of a particular type.  The calling
***  software should check the type of each RR object before
***  calling any of its methods.
***  Net::DNS has returned undef to the caller.



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