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Subject: [Conferences] Perl Workshop in Israel, 2007
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2007 00:40:55 +0200
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Have you already planned where to spend the New Year's Eve?

I am happy to announce that after all there is going to be a
Perl Workshop in Israel.  Still this year!

It wasn't easy, but we managed to schedule it to be on 31st December, 2007.

It is going to be a one day workshop with either one or two rooms.
I am not sure yet.
We are going to have talks (if people submit them),
we plan to have job fair during the day
we'll allocate time for BOFs and project showcases.

I also hope that we'll be able to organize a Hackathon starting just after the
conference (31/Dec-3/Jan or so).

Language of the talks will be most likely in Hebrew but the slides are
usually in English.

The exact location is not final yet. It will be announced on the web site
but if you are coming from Europe or the US, the whole country is so small it
does not really matter at this point.

The conference is managed using Act,
The URL is:


I'd really like to thank ?ric Cholet who setup our site very quickly.
I'd also like to thank the organizers of Frozen Perl 2008
http://www.frozen-perl.org/mpw2008/ from where I copied most of the
design and content of the workshop page.

Cost is not finalized yet, it will also depend on the sponsors we can attract
but it will be less than $100 for sure.
Speakers can get in free of charge.

Flight tickets are relatively cheap in the winter.

Accommodation you might find at one of the local Perl Mongers.

We would be glad to see a few participants from overseas.

The first dead-line for talk submission is 7th October. If we have enough
good talks by that time we'll announce the schedule without waiting for others
to submit their talks.
The real dead-line is 19th October but I really hope we can do it earlier.
Remember, you only need to decide on the talk(s) and write an abstract
in order to submit the proposal.
You will need to write the talk only if is accepted.

regards and as we have just entered the Jewish new year:

Shana Tova
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