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Subject: [Conferences] YAPC::Europe Update
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2007 20:13:26 +0200
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As we've been a bit lax with sending out updates to you, here's a quick 
update on recent happenings regarding YAPC::Europe 2007

The schedule is still not done (this is *hard* work), but in the 
meantime you check out this page:
In fact, we are busy working on it at this moment and  expect the 
schedule to be ready in a few days maximum.

We welcome our new sponsors VeriSign and heise online:

VeriSign, Inc. (NASDAQ: VRSN) operates digital infrastructure that 
  enables and protects billions of interactions every day across the 
  world's voice and data networks. Every day, we process as many as 31 
  billion Internet interactions and support over 100 million phone 

  We offer solutions that help companies to deliver integrated marketing 
  campaigns and mobile content across the three screens of personal 
  computers, mobile phones, and television sets. Our solutions help 
  organizations to deliver emerging services such as mobile banking, 
  voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and video over broadband. We 
  provide layered security solutions that protect an organization's 
  consumers, brand, Web site, and network. Our digital certificates 
  protect over 750,000 Web servers.

heise online (www.heise.de) is the foremost German-language IT news 
  portal. The site's "Newsticker" and forum often elicit comparisons to 
  Slashdot. But it also features sections on i.e.  security, open 
  source, and even automobiles, attracting over 24 million visits and 
  160 million page impressions per month.

  Perl plays a huge role, being responsible for about 98% of content 
  delivery and 85% of content creation. The programming team consists of 
  8 Perl developers, more are actively being sought. The site is 
  operated by Heise Zeitschriften Verlag, publisher of the highly 
  revered computer magazine c't.

Both will also take part in the Job Fair.

We also have finalised the t-shirt designs, which are very nice (or so 
we think...)
BTW, please add your t-shirt size to your user page on the website (if 
you haven't got a user page yet, stop reading this email NOW, and 

If you haven't booked a hotel room yet, please do so. You can check out 
our Wiki to find where other people are staying:
And/or use the services of our sponsor booking.com to find a place to stay.

On a personal note, I will leave for one month of holidays in Mongolia 
in two days. Please do NOT send any questions you might have to my 
private email address, but use the official YAPC::Europe 2007 address:
  vienna2007 at yapceurope.org
All messages sent to this address will end up in RT and can then be 
handled by the entire team.

And finally something not YAPC::Europe related: There's now an 
"official" Perl 5 Wiki at
As Schwern said:
  Please feel free to add or modify pages -- even this one -- as you see 
  fit. Fill this wiki with Perl 5 related content. Be Bold!

Looking forward to see you all, 
Thomas Klausner
(who won't read any mail in the next 30 days :-)

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