[Vienna-pm] Fwd: Not sure who to write to about a bounty management system proposal

Thomas Klausner domm at cpan.org
Tue Dec 11 01:43:10 PST 2007


Noch ein Interessent fuer das TODO-Management System

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Subject: Not sure who to write to about a bounty management system proposal
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2007 13:58:53 -0600
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> Subject: bounty management system proposal
> Sorry I'm not writing in German, I don't know it. Based on
> e-mail, you guys know English better than I do anyway.
> I would like to propose to create the bounty management system
> for winter of code.
> My paraphrase of the requirements is available at
> http://www.tipjar.com/bounties/TJDSBF.html
> I envision the requirements sponsor as a single person,
> while the funding sponsor, which is a group, can be
> represented by multiple people who will all get copies
> of project listing requests.  To approve a listing,
> there must be at least one APPROVE and no DENY after
> a week after the project listing application.  Is that good,
> or does it make more sense to keep the funding sponsor's
> governance out of the framework and work with  a single
> contact-role e-mail address, with a single, effective APPROVE?
> David "works in progress" Nicol

"Common sense has prevailed"

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