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Nicholas Clark nick at ccl4.org
Mon Dec 3 02:26:07 PST 2007

If anyone wants to enter this, I can be the "representative", but I can't
guarantee timely delivery to Vienna. (Unless and until the EU realise that
you can't make a bomb on board a plane from liquids, or I fail to fit
everything into hand luggage, or DB get to run trains into St Pancras:



10:24 <@Nicholas> evdb: which malt is the whisky?
10:24 <@evdb> Nicholas: to illustrate my whisky ignorance I can't remember
10:24 <@Nicholas> LOL
10:24  * muttley updates the website with new leader
10:24 <@Greg> glenlivet 12
10:24 <@evdb> that's the one

Nicholas Clark

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Following some wonderful generosity from the lovely people at
Shadowcat Systems at the London Perl Workshop I find myself in
possession of a rather good bottle of whisky.

There is only one downside to this otherwise pleasing state of affairs
which is that I don't drink whisky.

So I propose a competition, the winner of which shall be presented
with the bottle at the next social!

The rules are:

  * you must provide Perl code that says why you should have the bottle.
  * it shall be run as 'perl file_containing_your_code.pl'
  * the reason shall be printed to STDOUT
  * your code must be <= 4 lines, with each line having <= 72 characters.
  * the final winner shall be selected by a hastily formed group of
judges at the next social
  * the winner (or a representative) must be present to collect the
bottle, otherwise another will be chosen.
  * entries must be mailed to me OFF LIST by 4pm Thursday

Marks will be awarded for:

  * artistic style
  * devlishness
  * humour

Good luck!


In reality I'm evdb at ecclestoad.co.uk - http://ecclestoad.co.uk
Drive in the UK? - sign this: http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/displaythespeed/

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