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Ganz in der naehe. Ich weiss noch nicht ob ich komme, weil wir grad Wohnung

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Please forward this to local PM mailing lists where you think people might
be interested to come over to our workshop.

The Third Hungarian Perl Mini Workshop will be held on 22nd October, 2005.  
This is a one day/one track workshop. 
Talks will be given in either Hungarian or English.

We are planning to use some online registration form but the time is very 
short till the  workshop. So if you are planning to attend and would like to 
give a talk, it would be good to send a note to 
Gabor Szabo <szabgab at gmail.com> with the usual information:
- title
- abstract
- length of the talk in minutes
- short bio of yourself

Time is limited as there are only 5 weeks till the workshop.

More details will be available on 

Gabor Szabo
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