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Thomas Klausner domm at zsi.at
Mon Jul 5 05:20:04 CDT 2004


Wiedermal ein forward, s.u.:

Apropos T-Shirt, Perlworkshop T-Shirts gibt es nicht mehr, aber ich koennte noch welche
Drucken lassen. Die Mindestauflage ist aber 10 Stueck, d.h. wenn sich genug
interessiert finden...

Wir koennten natuerlich auch allgemeine Vienna.pm T-Shirts machen. Oder
vielleicht kleine Buttons mit einem Kamel. Hat jemand eine Ahnung, wie/wo
man Buttons machen lassen kann?

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Date: Mon, 05 Jul 2004 12:13:55 +0200
From: matthias tarasiewicz <parasew at 5uper.net>
To: Thomas Klausner <domm at zsi.at>
Subject: EXTRA TSHIRTS!  coded cultures, metrosau and 5uper.net

hallo thomas, kannst du bitte an die perlmongers liste und interessierte 
forwarden, gibt einen special discount f?r perlmongers (10,-- anstelle 
von 12,--)

tshirts sind super-quality,
gruss und danke,

EXTRA TSHIRTS!  coded cultures, metrosau and 5uper.net
there are new colors and 2 new illustrations!

please reply as fast as possible as we are reprinting tshirts during 
this week and also send it this week! (please also reply if you read 
this mail too late as we have another reprint date)

10,-- per TSHIRT!

the price is without postal costs,
postal costs are as follows:
inland (austria)   +3,--
international      +5,--
(does not apply if picked up from 5uper.net space in MQ vienna)

please reply as fast as possible with the filled out form below!

yes, i want to order CODED CULTURES Tshirts!
___ piece(s), please!

[ ] postal  [ ] pick up from 5uper.net space

(please send the below information for each tshirt you want)

illustration/ print theme
[ ]"five" http://5uper.net/img/five.png
[ ]?pony? http://5uper.net/img/pony.gif
[ ]?metrosau? http://metrosau.com/pic/metrosau-logo-train-night.gif

[ ]small
[ ]medium
[ ]large
[ ]x-large

[ ]yellow
[ ]army-green
[ ]light blue
[ ]dark blue
[ ]white
[ ]black
[ ]grey
[ ]beige
[ ]orange
[ ]light red
[ ]dark red

sleeves (?rmel)
[ ]yes
[ ]no

print color is white or black, depending on the brightness of the tshirt 
please pay in advance to the following EU-account after getting a reply 
mail with the final costs and an ID. (its also possible to pay when 
picking up directly from the 5uper.net bureau in MQ vienna)
Kontonummer: 20010710210
BLZ 14200
BIC: BAWAATWW, IBAN: AT531420020010710210

all the best,


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