[Vienna-pm] Windows-DDE to Socket for Perl, Linux and everything

Gooly gooly at gmx.at
Wed Feb 25 10:11:10 CST 2004


another optional project for the workshop that has been started (but not yet 
finfished) is a (Pascal-)Program that maps Windows-DDE to a Socket an makes 
it available for a LAN and for Perl. The program d2s is available at:
Henrik Haftmann from tu-chemnitz was so friendly to do that saying that this 
is usefull due to the fact that DDE is very wide spread and NetDDE from 
Windows very bad documented and not as good as it should be.
Help is available within this program. 
For those who only speek english I've written an english translation, which I 
attached the german help is within the zip-file.

The orders for DDE to attach a Windows-Program are:

advise: automated update with the recent data
connect: starts to connect to DDE server 'service' (appl:EXCEL)
disconnect: the 'service'
execute: execute the data as command
poke: change the content of 'service'-'topic'-'item' to the given 'data'
request: request data
unadvise: stop a given advise order (either a or w)
warm-advise: returns no (new) data, but only the information that the data has 
been changed.

This way one has an easy access to most of the Win-Progs even from Linux and 
other OS.

This is another option for the Workshop, but may need some additional work. As 
I don't have and don't know Windows maybe somebody else will help?


PS.: If s.o. like to play around with it, I have DDEspy, just let me know.
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