[Vienna-pm] Entwurf: Perl Workshop Call for Papers

Nicholas Clark nick at ccl4.org
Tue Feb 10 16:48:58 CST 2004

mit Hilfe von babelfish und domm:

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Austrian perl worksop

>From 20th to 22th May vienna.pm together with 5uper.net present
the first Austrian Perl Workshop.


The programme is a work in progress (please send talks etc)
We expect a schedule roughly:

20.5.: Perl Culture - The Culture of Perl
	 Perl employed in cultural projects, perl culture, obfuscations,
	 generative art
21.5.: Perl in daily employment
	 Diverse application from small to large, CPAN modules, etc
22.5.: Parrot / Perl6
         Leo Tötsch is giving a Parrot Tutorial, to be followed by general

We need talks !!

In order to have a workshop at all, we need talks. A talk should be between
5 and 60 minutes long, and preferably cover one of the workshop's topics.
My (domm) opinion is that short presentations about "non-professional" topics
are interesting, so don't be shy..

Send talk ideas to the list or to domm AT zsi.at. The more the merrier.

If possible (ie Sponsors) there will be a speakers' dinner.

Presentations may be in German or English.


There are three rates, which aren't yet definite:

* People with low budgets, students, the unemployed will participate for free
* People with average budgets will pay about 20 Euros (plus/minus 5)
* People with large budgets (eg people whose employers cover the cost)
  pay about 75 Euros


Registration, hotel info etc will follow later. Watch this space!
The workshop takes place as part of the Coded Culture Congress.
Additional information when it becomes available.
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Nicholas Clark

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