[vienna.pm] [ANNOUNCE] Attribute::Overload 0.02

Marcel Grunauer marcel at codewerk.com
Wed May 30 16:27:11 CDT 2001

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    Attribute::Overload - Attribute that makes overloading easier

      use Attribute::Overload;
      sub add : Overload(+) { ... }

    The `Overload' attribute, when used on a subroutine, declares that
    subroutine as handler in the current package for the operation(s)
    indicated by the attribute options. Thus it frees you from the
    implementation details of how to declare overloads and keeps the
    definitions where they belong, with the operation handlers.

    For details of which operations can be overloaded and what the
    overloading function gets passed see the `overload' manpage.

    Note that you can't overload constants this way, since this has to
    happen during BEGIN time, but attributes are only evaluated at CHECK
    time (at least as far as `Attribute::Handlers' is concerned).

    None known so far. If you find any bugs or oddities, please do inform
    the author.

    Marcel Grunauer, <marcel at codewerk.com>

    Copyright 2001 Marcel Grunauer. All rights reserved.

    This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
    under the same terms as Perl itself.

    perl(1), overload(3pm), Attribute::Handlers(3pm).


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