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                     Yet Another Perl Conference
                          YAPC::Europe 19100

               Friday to Sunday, September 22-24, 2000
                                at the
                    Institute of Contemporary Arts
                              London, UK

             *** Abstract Deadline : August 11, 2000 ***

YAPC::Europe is an inexpensive (40 pounds/person) Perl users and
developers conference, with tutorials and technical talks. The
conference is set in central London, down the road from Buckingham
Palace, although we are reliably informed that Her Royal Highness will
"probably not" attend.  The theme of the conference is "The Art of
Perl", with a track on Saturday dedicated to the topic of creating old
media and new with Perl, as well as looking at Perl as an art form.

All are welcome to this grassroots conference, to learn and share in
the benefits of belonging to the Perl community.

Many well-known Perl developers and authors will be there:

 - Randal Schwartz: co-author of "Learning Perl" and professional trainer.
 - Graham Barr: author of the IO::* and Net::* modules, including
 - Tim Bunce: author of "Programming the Perl DBI" and the DBI database
   interface module.
 - Andreas Koenig: one of the CPAN wizards.
 - Nick Ing-Simmons: author of the Perl/Tk system.

  ... and YOU!

We are looking for tutors and speakers at YAPC::Europe.  Presentations
will be:

  TUTORIALS: 3 hours (half-day) or 6 hours (full-day).
  LONG TALKS: 40 minutes.
  SHORT TALKS: 25 minutes.
  LIGHTNING TALKS: 5 minutes.

If you wish to make a presentation, we will need to know:

  Type of talk (tutorial, long, short, or lightning)
  A 200-300 word abstract
  One or two sentences on you and your affiliation
  Whether you will have course notes or other materials if
    you are proposing a tutorial
  Any special presentation needs (e.g., you can only talk in
    Hindi Sign Language with the aid of a UN-trained fruitbat)

Mail this to:

  euro-speakers at perltoys.com

in plain ASCII text (strictly no Microsoft Word or HTML) by August 11,
2000.  We would like that your materials be available online, but it
is not required.

Topics are unlimited, but some suggestions include:

 * ART!  (Music, dance, poetry, mime, ...)
 * Text processing (XML, regular expressions)
 * Perl and the Web (CGI, HTML, mod_perl)
 * Databases (DBI, Access, replication, administration)
 * Graphics (Tk, GTk, controlling 3rd party software)
 * Scientific computing (PDL, distributed computation)
 * Practical Perl Programming
 * Module guts and usage of any particular module
 * Visionary or position papers on Perl
 * Anything cool :)

Because YAPC::Europe is about producing the biggest communal bang for
smallest attendee buck, there is no financial compensation for
presenting.  Tutors and speakers will, however, be richly rewarded
with the appreciation of their fellow Perl programmers which the
canny will be able to convert into beer.

Any questions about the conference should be directed to:
  european-yapc at othersideofthe.earth.li 
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