[VPM] perhaps a combined January Meeting?

Darren Duncan darren at DarrenDuncan.net
Mon Jan 7 18:24:09 PST 2008

At 4:45 PM -0800 1/7/08, Angela Norton wrote (to the RCSS list):
>In light of the holidays and the fact that they've made it difficult
>to find speakers for this month's meeting, would there be any
>objections to postponing it a week and a day (to Wednesday January

January 15th is a tuesday.  Did you mean then or wednesday January 16th?

While it's not for certain that wednesday Jan 16th would be impacted, 
wednesdays in general have a high likelihood of conflict for me.

Also, if Victoria.pm takes place, that would already be on tuesday 
the 15th.  However, I just suggested to them that we might be able to 
have a combined meeting this month, and now I'm suggesting it to you.

>Seriously, I can put together a short talk about embedded Linux on
>consumer devices, with demonstrations, so if we can get one or two
>other people to step up with something interesting, we will have a
>total ruckus.

A topic was suggested for the January VPM which would require some 
attendee participation, but so far no one announced stepping up to 
the plate.  Here's the description of it:

At 4:10 PM -0800 1/1/08, Peter Scott wrote:
>So I thought that we could have a kind of contest associated with our
>January meeting.  The meeting, if we hold it, would be on January
>15.  Now a small logistical hitch is, where to have the meeting.  Mock,
>can we go to Enquisite again?
>I was thinking along the lines of, what's the most destructive script
>you can come up with in under a hundred characters, for whatever you
>consider 'destructive'.  The key here is to be creative; this is not a
>quantitative measure.  Obviously
>	`/bin/rm -rf /`
>would win on a ratio of character count to chaos, but we're looking for
>something more entertaining than that.
>An alternative would be to create something that appears to be
>destructive but really isn't, in the vein of Frank Sheiness' entry in
>the Obfuscated Perl Contest at
>http://www.foo.be/docs/tpj/issues/vol2_3/tpj0203-0012.html .  This type
>of program could be up to a thousand characters.
>The people who come up with entries would explain them at the
>meeting.  Feel free to suggest alternative material for the meeting.

If we decide to combine meetings, then while there should at least be 
some Perl entries, we could open this up to entries in any language. 
In fact, the whole idea is probably right up the alley of RCSS in 

(Though ironically it would be the opposite of how I spend my time 
thinking, so I personally am unlikely to submit one.)

-- Darren Duncan

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