[VPM] OSCON 2008 schedule is posted (and I'm on it for the first time)

Darren Duncan darren at darrenduncan.net
Tue Apr 1 23:18:25 PDT 2008


For those of you who are interested in such things, today is the first day 
that the OSCON 2008 (Jul 21-25) registration is open, and event schedule is 
posted.  You can see it at:


In addition, I am pleased to announce that my proposed 45 minute talk, 
which introduces my Muldis D language for DBMS programming, has been 
accepted.  This marks the first time that I'll be speaking on anything at a 
major conference.  I have been scheduled for 17:20-18:05 on Wednesday in 
room D137/138.  You can see it listed at:


I also intend to do earlier (practice) runs of the talk at smaller venues, 
such as self-local interest groups.  Maybe also at OSCON PostgreSQL Day on 
Jul 20 ( http://pugs.postgresql.org/taxonomy/term/53 ) if that works out; I 
will be in attendance anyway.

So now I really have a lot of work remaining to do in preparation for that.

-- Darren Duncan

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