[VPM] Victoria Perl Mongers meeting November 20 - new location

Charles Frank charlespfrank at gmail.com
Fri Nov 16 16:07:37 PST 2007

Good Evening,

I would like to attend my first VPM meeting.  I have been lurking on
the list for a while now, but I have not been to a VPM.  I use to
attend the NYC PM meetings but I have fallen out since moving to
Victoria this fall.

I have a Sierra Club meeting on the same night, but I think I'll pass
on it in favor of this one.

I am not sure how much background I should give, or if anybody is even
interested, but I cofounded this company in NYC:


I hired Perrin Harkins, Michael Peters, and Sam Tregar to do
development work at Plus Three.  We did some high profile mod_perl
work, providing 'campaigns in a box' for US political orgs and

I think that is a decent enough back ground to start.  In the rather
unlikely event that anybody wants more info, I'd be glad to talk to
them on a private thread.

The mod_perl work seems to be slim around these parts, but any
location, except for maybe London, would be compared to NYC.  If
anybody knows of anything, please let me know.  I am looking for a
good shop to work with locally.



On Nov 16, 2007 3:52 PM, mock <mock at obscurity.org> wrote:
> > At 1:20 PM -0800 11/12/07, Peter Scott wrote:
> > >Victoria Perl Mongers returns this month at its regular timeslot (7pm,
> > >third Tuesday of the month), at a new location:
> > >
> > >Date:                Tuesday, November 20
> > >Time:                7:00 PM
> > >Location:    3347 Oak Street, Office of Enquisite
> >
> Could I get a quick head count from people so I know which room I need to put
> the projector into.
> There's me, Darren and Peter for 3... others?
> mock
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