[VPM] Next meeting RFI

mock mock at obscurity.org
Tue Nov 6 16:53:44 PST 2007

On Tue, Nov 06, 2007 at 10:54:10AM -0800, Peter Scott wrote:
> At 01:41 PM 11/5/2007, Darren Duncan wrote:
> >At 12:48 PM -0800 11/5/07, Peter Scott wrote (off-list):
> >>May I please have, for the Nov 20 meeting:
> >>Suitable directions to the new location;
> >>Suitable description of Mock's talk and Darren's update.
> >>Thanks!
> >
> >I actually saw your request for this on the list a couple weeks ago,
> >but had thought it okay to wait until the meeting was closer before
> >replying.
> Mock, are you out there?

Yup, not too awol, just traveling without easy net access for a few days.

So, the new location is at 207 - 3347 Oak Street.

The description of the talk is "How to find vulnerabilities in perl code."
Which is fairly descriptive of what it's going to be about I think.


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