[VPM] Perl Module RPM generator

Peter Scott Peter at PSDT.com
Wed Sep 29 11:06:59 CDT 2004

This is actually on-topic for both VLUG and Victoria.pm; a new module 
was just uploaded to CPAN which -- well, you can read the description 
below.  It's at http://search.cpan.org/~gyepi/Ovid-0.04/ovid.  I am 
unfamiliar with the author.

>This is the README file for Ovid, which recursively builds CPAN 
>modules and all dependent modules as
>RPM files.
>Each RPM that Ovid generates lists all its required files so rpm tools 
>like apt-get (the rpm version),
>urpm, yum and others can find and install them as dependencies.
>Ovid puts an end to manual dependency chasing madness!
>To install this module type the following:
>    perl Makefile.PL
>    make
>    make test
>    make install
>Alternately, if you are on an RPM based system, type the following to 
>build an RPM file:
>   rpmbuild -ta Ovid-<version>.tar.gz
>For a version 0.01, you would type
>   rpmbuild -ta Ovid-0.01.tar.gz
>After the RPM is built, type:
>   rpm -i /path/to/rpm/file
>This module requires that the CPAN module be installed and configured.
>It also uses the following standard perl modules:
>   Exporter
>   File::Basename
>   File::Copy
>Copyright (C) 2004 Gyepi Sam <gyepi at cpan.org>
>This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
>it under the same terms as Perl itself.

Peter Scott
Pacific Systems Design Technologies
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