[VPM] Victoria Perl Mongers Meeting September 21

Peter Scott Peter at PSDT.com
Thu Sep 16 19:01:36 CDT 2004

Victoria.pm will meet at its regular date, time, and place on Tuesday, 
September 21, 7pm, at UVic.  The room will be announced the day before.

I will speak for half the time on Perl's command line flags (perldoc 
perlrun).  This talk will be accessible to beginners as well as more 
advanced Perlers.

There will be another topic presented in the rest of the time, possibly 
Darren Duncan on databases, but he's perfectly willing to yield to 
anyone else who wants to try their hand at filling a short time 
slot.  Or I may just keep going :-)

Other topics to be covered as time permits; make requests for anything 

(Courtesy copy to VLUG members by permission of the list 
manager.  Victoria.pm's home page is <http://victoria.pm.org/>.)
Peter Scott
Pacific Systems Design Technologies
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